New league for Towngate Fisheries

Upgrading a frying range is a big plunge to take, especially when your existing range is still going strong so when Mark Drummond from Towngate Fisheries in Idle decided to upgrade his 10-year-old range to a new Florigo, he was unsure how much of a difference he would see. Two months later from reopening and he is very pleased to report that he can already see definite advantages of making that big decision!

‘This new range is in a totally different league!’ Mark told us. ‘I originally thought that I would refit the shop and then replace the range but I’m really glad I made the choice to do it all at once! The improvements in this range compared to my old one are really noticeable: the main points are that it’s much easier to use and clean. The filtration is streets ahead from other systems I’ve used: in fact in the 9 weeks that the range has been installed, I haven’t had to change my beef dripping and it still looks clean!’

Mark increased from a 3 pan counter range to a 4 pan and knew there would be a significant improvement in serving his customers quicker especially during key busy periods but he has also been helped by the recovery times: ‘the pans don’t drop as much now so I’m not waiting as long for recovery. We’re a busy shop so we still have queues but they move a lot quicker now so it means we take a lot more on a Friday and Saturday.’

It’s not just the range’s performance that has impressed Mark, the design has also made an impact on him: ‘You can see that the range has specifically been designed with a fish frier in mind and there are little touches that have been added to give it that extra edge which I have not had with other ranges. I’ve had the shop for long enough to know what would work but there were other features that Rob and John thought of that I had not considered. For example, they added an extra space within the range specifically to store the pan lids which is very handy!’

With nothing but positive comments coming from the customers about the refit and with takings up, Mark’s big decision seems to have paid off!

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