Out with the old…in with the Florigo!

Up in the depths of the Outer Hebrides, husband and wife, Colin and Nicky Cameron from Cameron’s Chip Shop Ltd in Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, recently had a sleek 4 pan counter style range installed. Originally opened in 1987 by Colin’s parents, Cameron’s was passed down into the capable hands of the dynamic duo in 2002 and after deciding to buy the premises next door, the shop underwent an extensive and refined refurbishment; allowing the introduction of innovative items to the menu, additional space, and more custom!

Installing a new range is indisputably an exciting time for any shop, with a hope of further business development and better practice. For Colin and Nicky, the anticipation of their new range instalment was tinged with a splash of apprehension and a serving of stress! In true British style, the notorious bad weather highly disrupted the instalment of the range: the engineers and the range arrived on the island on the last ferry with no issues; however the trials and tribulations that were to follow were unforeseeable. The island was subsequently battered with dangerously high winds. Shops quickly closed up, and the cancellations of transport to and from mainland Scotland meant the lorry driver was stranded on the island for two whole days before the gusts significantly eased and he was able to leave!
Despite the blustery weather that was bestowed upon Stornoway, their brand new Florigo counter range was fitted on time with no difficulties; allowing them to use the space in their shop to its full potential and achieve the desired result. It’s definitely safe to say they were truly blown away with it!

“We love it! Florigo were great from start to finish. Robert came up with great ideas on design and then Mark Theaker came up a few weeks after that. Very efficient! Our product is better than ever, and not only that, but our gas bill is so much cheaper!” States Nicky. Florigo’s pan technology ensures a rapid recovery rate on frying times, which is at the forefront of Florigo’s objectives; and a diminished usage of gas is unequivocally another favourable aspect of the smart ranges we offer.

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