Paul’s Fish Grill – Frying high with Florigo

Paul’s Fish Grill – Frying high with Florigo Frying Ranges

In October 2014, Gus Dulai decided to invest in a 4 HE pan range for his thriving fish and chip shop, Paul’s Fish Grill in Tyne and Wear. Knowing that an island range boasts additional manoeuvrability and assists with efficiency in busy outlets, Gus knew that this would benefit him and his business the most.

After a total of 7 previous ranges in the shop, Gus was on the hunt for something new. After acquiring knowledge of Florigo’s excellent engineering and spherical heat distribution, a Florigo range was definitely on the cards. Florigo’s 15-year experience in building HE pans with a 92% efficiency rate is a good source of confidence for new buyers. All the way from design to installment, Florigo were there every step of the way to ensure everything was met to his exact requirements. “They were very helpful!” Says Gus. The installment of the island range went ahead with relative ease; and when Gus’ flooring team were unfortunately held up on the morning of the installment, the Florigo team were co-operative and happily waited before proceeding on with fitting the new shiny range! Pleased with the overall installment, professionalism and decorum, his new range has certainly held its own in his bustling shop. “It’s a strong range, and I’m really enjoying it. Brilliant service!” States Gus.

Florigo ranges boast quick recovery times, and for Gus, one of the principal highlights of his new range is the fact that the recovery times are so quick, allowing him to fry more liberally, knowing his range is built to deal with a vast income of product. Gus’ Florigo has handled the ‘overload of chips’ in his shop so easily, making the range a brilliant investment.

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