Small but Mighty: Peat Carr Chippy

Small but Mighty: Peat Carr Chippy

The words ‘In this economic climate’ is normally used in a negative sense but Ravi Sull sees it as an opportunity: he feels that now is the perfect time to start out new ventures and so he has converted a spare stock room in his family’s newsagent in Tyne and Wear into Peat Carr Chippy.  The area didn’t have any fish and chip shops that sold a good quality product and after hearing people rave about the food in Bells, Durham, Ravi realised that fish and chips was his calling.

With a limited amount of room Ravi needed a fryer that would make the most out of the space as well as being easy to use and maintain.  After talking to Lee Woodward from Frying Solutions and visiting Merrills in Sunderland, he realised that Florigo would be the way forward.  He really wanted to make the most out of the limited space that he had to work with so he choose a 2 pan High Efficiency counter range which fits wall-to-wall but has a mobile counter unit to the side for access.  To then really accentuate food in the hot box, the range also features mirror doors on his hot box which are unique to Florigo.  Now that the shop has opened, Ravi knows he has made the right choice:  ‘As it’s my first time working in fish and chips, I needed a fryer that could help me and this range certainly does that.’

Although the takeaway has only been open for a few months, it seems that Ravi’s take on the recession has been proved correct: the shop has received brilliant feedback and has already built up regular customers.  And with his sights set on starting to advertise the shop, things can only improve!

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