Superior Product at Mario’s Takeaway

Dutch frying range at Mario’s Takeway

Since installing his first Dutch frying range in April, Michael Crolla has found that he has to get used to a new way of cooking but the results have been worth it: ‘In the 40 years that I have been frying, I have never sold as good a product as I do now.’

Michael chose a 4 pan HE counter frying range for his shop, Mario’s Takeaway, in Loanhead, Scotland. The frying range features round pans, a lit front and a glass inlay on the top of the hotbox but it’s not the style that has pleased Michael, it’s the change it’s making to his business.

‘I now have a far improved product to offer to my customers which is cooked at a faster speed. I’ve seen a huge reduction in my oil usage: I used to fill a 120 litre waste oil drum in a week but I have yet to fill it in 2 months! This means that I can use a superior frying oil which although costs more to buy, I’m not wasting it like I used to and also means that I’m providing a superior product. It’s too early to know about gas savings but I don’t have to switch the range on to melt the fat as early as I used to so I would imagine I would also see some savings there.

‘The filtration system is superb and I’ve never sold such crystal clear chips as I’m selling now so I’ve seen an increase in sales. In fact, what I hoped to achieve with this range, I have done so already in two months!’

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