Sykes Fish & Chips: Flying the flag for Round Pans

Sykes Fish & Chips: Flying the flag for Round Pans

When the time came for Anthony Sykes to change his 21 year old Florigo fryer, the decision for him was simple: stay with Florigo!  ‘I’ve seen other brands of ranges in the magazines and exhibitions but for me, I didn’t consider going anywhere else’, Anthony explained and since his new 5 pan island range has been installed in September, he knows he’s made the right decision.

Even though choosing the brand was easy, Anthony still wanted to make sure that his new fryer would suit his business.  ‘Lee Woodward from Frying Solutions advised me on what would work best for me and the range has lived up to all of his promises.  Even the promises I had doubts about: he told me that 1 round pan on the new range would do the same work as 2 round pans on my old range and he was right!’

Anthony has always been a fan of round pans and has 3 round pans on his range. ‘For me, it makes more sense to use a round pan rather than a square; I’ve never even considered using a square pan!  I’ve always felt that you cook faster and better with the heat evenly distributed and you never have to chase the chips to the corners.’

His shop, Sykes Fish & Chips in Swinton, has now seen an increase of business since his refit: 50% when it first re-opened which has now levelled out to a consistent increase of a third.  And it’s not just the amount of customers which has improved, the final word has to go to the all-important customers who have commented on the taste of his product: ‘Customers of 10 years did not believe that a new range could improve the taste any more but they have noticed and commented on how much better they taste.’  And who could argue with that!

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