The Fishermans Wife – Opening in style!

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After 5 decades of frying up the Nation’s beloved Fish & Chips on George Street, new development plans meant it was time for a change. September 17th 2019 marked the Grand Opening of the Fishermans Wife in Kirkgate Market Food Hall.

Maddi, Rob and I had the pleasure of being part of the special day, soaking up the atmosphere, taking pictures and talking to industry professionals and customers. This was truly a great day for all involved.

The celebrations were on from the get-go, smiles all around and everyone getting the chance to take photos before the fantastic staff started preparing for a service like no other. The hospitality was flawless as champagne was poured for customers and industry professionals alike.

It didn’t take long for the crowds to gather and the queue to build, long before the Fisherman’s wife was due to open for service.

Award winning Fish & Chip shop owner, Nick Miller (from Millers Fish & Chips) was on hand to help and enjoy the special day like the rest of us. This Grand Opening is a key example of how the community and industry all came together for the successful launch of the Fisherman’s Wife.

Celebrity Chef, Brian Turner had the honours of declaring the Fisherman’s Wife officially open and service soon got underway.

The glorious smell of Fish & Chips filled the air with talented musicians providing the perfect background music to complete an already amazing atmosphere in the Kirkgate Market. The service was fast paced and well organised with the queue being added to constantly.

As the portions were dished up, Brian Turner was behind the counter, shaking hands and talking to the customers. Spectacular Fish & Chips were served and sold at a £1 a portion in celebration for the Grand Opening. There were smiles all around as happy customers tucked into the Nation’s favourite. With an ever increasing line of customers going out the door, the brand new Florigo range was put to the test on its debut over the very busy lunch period but of course, handled it with ease. The Fisherman’s Wife have a 4 pan Electric wall range with electric hobs. Other features include our state-of-the-art Active Triple Filtration, Halo Lighting and LED Downlighting.

May Stephenson who ran the business for over 50 years with her late husband was also there to enjoy the day with family and friends and celebrate the success of the business they’re all passionate about. Her son, Graham, who has taken over the running of the business, shared stories and memories about the Fisherman’s Wife.

It was a great day for everyone and couldn’t have been a more successful opening. We’re sure they’ll thrive in their new location.

Want to find out more about the Fisherman’s Wife?

Follow them on Social Media and if you’re in the area don’t miss out on the chance to try their delicious Fish & Chips.

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