Top 20 Fish and Chips @ Weston Grove

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Introducing latest Florigo customers from Fish & Chips @ Weston Grove!

In this week’s blog we get to know latest Florigo customers Richard & Josette who own Fish and Chips @ Weston Grove.

After opening 3 years ago they have gone from strength to strength. It is clear to see the passion this couple have for the industry and delivering great service combined with the best food.

Not only do they play their part by only using fish from sustainable sources, but they also aim to be plastic free by December 2019!

Fish and Chips at Weston Grove have invested in a 5-pan high efficiency counter range with a personalised front, featuring Active Triple Filtration, Mirror Doors and Halo Lighting.

Firstly, congratulations for achieving Top 20 Fish and Chips shops! It’s an amazing accomplishment, how do you feel?

We feel absolutely thrilled of our achievement as it was only last year that we were awarded the Best Newcomer in the awards. The competition is extremely tough and especially in the North West this year.

What makes you stand out above the rest?

Quite a few things…..

Our passion for providing great quality, traditional fish and chips alongside Gluten Free accredited dishes and Vegan options.

We care about the sustainability of our products, offering MSC fish and using sustainable palm oil products as we are champions for Chester Zoo. We care about the environment and we are Chester Plastic Free Pioneers. We have an amazing team who are as passionate as we are.

What advice would you give to anyone entering the awards next year?

Go for it, there is nothing to lose. You learn so much, your business standards improve greatly and you become much busier.

What’s your favourite memory of owning Fish and Chips at Weston Grove?

Again, we have too many but the happiest involve people, especially making them happy eating our food. Whether it be a Gluten Free customer that hasn’t been able to enjoy fish and chips for years or the homeless football team we sponsor, to feed them is such a pleasure. We held a lunch for school children and our elderly customers to share their memories of fish and chips on National Fish and Chip Day, that was a very special day.

What made you change to a Florigo range?

We are so busy now and need a range that will hold its temperature. Gluten Free customers have increased so instead of a separate fryer we wanted to include a pan in the new range. The quality of Florigo stood out. We especially liked the mirrored glass and halo lighting within the pans.

What are you looking forward to the most about owning a Florigo?

Not filtering pans with a mobile filter machine. The shop will look much better and customers won’t have to wait as long.

What are your proudest achievements as a business so far?

We had a very difficult start with the business. Richard was diagnosed with Cancer in the first month and received intensive treatment, so to look back on those times and see how successful we have become in such a short time makes us extremely proud.

What does the future hold for Fish and Chips at Weston Grove?

We are having our new Florigo range, new EPOS system and a new dining area. We will get our food tested for nutritional values once the range is installed, offer Click and collect and continue on our journey to become plastic free. We will certainly keep improving and promote our amazing industry.

We’re so pleased for Richard & Josette and the success they’ve had in such a short space of time, we can’t wait to see how their Florigo range can help them progress even further and wish them the best of luck in reaching the Top 10 Fish and Chip Takeaways.

Enjoyed getting to know Fish and Chips at Weston Grove? Why not check out their social media?

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