Two Day Bespoke Training for New Business

Two Day Bespoke Training for New Business

One of our trainers has recently reported back on another successful training session in Jane’s Fish and Chip Shop in Helston, Cornwall. The owners, Jonathan and Famke, were completely new to the trade so our trainer was on hand for two days to guide them through the daunting prospect of their shop opening its doors for the first time.

‘The clients were really impressed with the performance of the range on the shop’s first day and evening. Considering it was a brand new business, it was certainly tested: lots of customers and 6 out of the 7 pans were being used!’ our trainer, John explained.

Being completely new to the trade, the clients were very grateful to have someone on hand to help out and to share his experience: ‘I made sure I went through all aspects of the business, not just focussing on getting the most out of the range: slicing fish, mixing the batter, what products to use; all things you need to know to run a successful shop.’

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