Last month we wrote an article about if you should blanch your chips or not. In short, there wasn’t a right or wrong answer. However, if you do blanch your chips then you may not have the perfect utensil to help you along the way.

What is the perfect utensil for blanching?

The perfect utensil isn’t anything high tech or complicated to use, it’s simply a chip colander.

In the video, Rafael Chandler explains how he blanches chips to create a crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside chip!

Why a chip colander?

It will allow you to cook chips to order when frying.  It allows you to blanch the chips, hold them while draining any oil then put them back in the fryer to finish off.

Our premium colander is designed to help you move your product around safely and efficiently.

With a sturdy aluminium construction, it is robust and long-lasting to cope in any busy kitchen.

Where to buy?

The chip colander is available on the Florigo Shop for £48 + VAT. It measures 195mm high and 395mm wide. If you order before 2pm for next day delivery.