One year later with Frying Farmer – Hull

Arable Farmer Andrew Smales is well known for his family’s potato growing and last year decided to venture into Fish & Chips, opening The Frying Farmer in Aldbrough, Hull. Run by Manager Richard Dry, we installed a 3 pan Florigo counter range to supply the good folk of Aldbrough and surrounding areas with quality fish […]

Florigo Multi-Coloured LED Lighting

Florigo Multi-Coloured LED Lighting. A counter range is the face of your business, being the first thing a customer is greeted with when they walk through the door. If designed correctly, it can also grab the attention of passers by! At Florigo we offer many different counter front options with our Multi-coloured LED lighted front […]

Florigo Halo Lighting

Florigo Halo Lighting. Wouldn't it be fabulous if you could have an unhindered view of your pans while you are frying! With Florigo Halo Lighting added to your range, that's exactly what you get. Enjoy a halo of light over your pans, giving you an un-hindered view of the frying area and the products within. [...]

The Fish & Chip Shop – Malmo

The Fish & Chip Shop - Malmo. Jonny Luck was born and bred in Wales and spent many years as a Chef in London. When he moved to Malmo in Sweden with his wife 8 years ago, the one thing he really missed was Fish & Chips so he decided to open The Fish & Chip [...]

Old Leake Fish & Chips

There was something missing from Darryl Tuohy’s local area and that was a good chippy, when a site came up right across the road from where he lives it was the perfect spot for him to secure and Old Leake Fish & Chips was soon underway. Darryl is no stranger to frying ranges however the […]

Mackays at Syston Service Station

James Kemp owns 9 petrol stations and when it came to Syston Services on the Wanlip Road in Leicester, he decided to try something different and take the storage area and turn it into a Fish and Chip shop....Welcome Mackays Fish & Chips to the industry. Having done his research by visiting existing fish and [...]

Midgleys – Range Number 6!

Midgleys buy Florigo frying range number 6! Adrian Midgley has been in the Fish & Chip industry for over 40 years so I think it’s safe to say he knows what he is talking about! With 5 successful shops to his name, his recent acquisition, Kirby’s in Leeds underwent a make-over and we were more [...]