Electric 3-Pan Wall Range for sale

Electric 3-Pan Wall Range for sale

Buying a pre-loved Florigo frying range can sometimes be the best option for your business for various reasons.

Don’t let the fact they have been used put you off – it doesn’t mean they haven’t been good enough or are damaged. A preowned frying range is most likely going to be available for sale for reasons unrelated to the equipment.

Product Features

  • 2 Chip Pans – 3 Baskets
  • 1 Fish Pan
  • Chip Box
  • Scrap Box
  • 2 Hot Boxes
  • Lexan Doors
  • Mirrored Back
  • Heavy Elements in all Chip Pans.
  • Halo
  • Halogen
  • ATF

Installed: 14/10/2020
Removed: 08/11/2023
Last Service (By Florigo): 29/06/2023

Delivered and Fully Installed For:



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