Uber Eats Made Changes to Service

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Uber Eats has now opened up its food delivery app to 50,000 restaurants in the UK and Ireland, giving them access to their technology and the fast-growing platform. The difference now is that instead of having to use independent delivery drivers provided by the app, restaurants can now use their own delivery staff as an option.

This option became available on February 21st 2019 nationwide and will give a valuable service to business owners to offer deliveries and grow their business using the Uber Eats app.

This will benefit Uber Eats as well because now they can add even more restaurants to their app and offer more options to their users. Uber Eats has previously had 10,000 restaurants in 100 towns and cities available – but now this number is expected to double in 2019.

Uber Eats app changes

The world famous food delivery app have lined this change up with a new service fee structure and the launch of a self-service sign up tool – which will make it easier, quicker and more beneficial for restaurants to partner with Uber Eats.

This is great news as recent data released shows that the food delivery market is growing and is expected to be worth £10 billion by 2021. This is especially important for small to medium business owners as delivery has shown to be a massive factor in their success and growth. 78% of the restaurants partnered on the app are small or medium businesses and delivery has shown to be 10% of their overall annual revenue.

These changes are bound to have an impact on the food service industry as a whole but especially the fast food market.


With Uber Eats changing the game and expanding their services to include more options for business owners, will you be using this new service? What impact do you think this will have on your business?

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