Bells: Three’s the Magic Number

The third Bells Fish Shop that has recently opened is a great example of how a small takeaway can be inexpensively fitted out to a really high standard. The owner, Graham Kennedy, has continued the ‘Bells Style’ into his new shop which includes the branding on the window and his signature fish tank included within the shop.

Gills Fry Fry: You Never Go Back After You Fry on a Florigo

For 14 years happy customers have been regularly crossing the threshold of Gills Fry Fry in Sunderland but owner, David Gill, knew that the time had come for the takeaway to be modernised. ‘I had to get new a frying range and pizza oven so I thought it would be perfect timing to get a new shop fit as well which would last me for the next 15 years.’

Fish Factory: Striving to be Different

When Fabian Benvenuti refurbished his shop in Caerphilly, he started from complete scratch: the whole shop was gutted and stripped back to the bare walls so Fabian had a blank canvas to start again from. This then gave him the chance to make his shop really stand out from the rest.